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About Us

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La Rosa is named after my twin daughters, Rosalie & Sadie. They are my inspiration and reason behind everything that I do. They are smart, beautiful, kind girls who have an imagination and creative side that I admire. That being said they are going to be designing some of the sets you will see in La Rosa based off their ideas and inspiration.

La Rosa is an ever-changing unique space that is beautifully decorated to rent for photography and small special adult events. It gives creative minds the opportunity to  bring their ideas to life! La Rosa is 2318 sq ft divided into two studios with their own design concepts that make them stand out. Tons of furniture and props in each studio. There is plenty of natural light throughout both studios as well as additional artificial lighting. Come see it for yourself!


Special Events

Birthdays - Engagement - Gender Reveal - Bridal Showers - Workshops - Baby Showers - Anniversary  Celebrate yourself or your loved ones in style!

2 Unique, Elegant, Chic Spaces showcasing their own countless photo opportunities and one of a kind pictures. Curved staircase, floor-to-ceiling window room, white walls and industrial-style ceilings are only a few attractions that prove to be a photographer's ideal accent backgrounds.

Rosalie Studio

The first thing you see when you walk into the Rosalie Studio is a beautiful and elegantly decorated curved staircase. This studio offers different feature walls like our boxwood hedge wall and a white brick wall. You'll find a gorgeous room with floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also a little nook where we will have seasonal/Holiday sets that change often. Plenty of natural light throughout this studio with additional artificial light. Access to the common room with kitchen, makeup area and one dressing room.

Sadie Studio

This beautiful large space is set up with many unique sets. Plenty of natural light comes through with 9 of its own windows as well as artificial lights offered. Plenty of gorgeous props, furniture and decor. This studio is set up as a more moody space which is ideal but not limited to boudoir. Several colorful accent pieces of furniture to choose from.  Access to common room with kitchen, makeup area and one dressing room.

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Hi, I'm Chantal and the Owner of La Rosa!

So long story short… my background is office management in construction as well as extensive customer service prior to that. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 6 years though with our twin girls. This is their first year in full time school and for years the thought of going back to an office job just made me feel like junk. My passions are photography and decorating! I’ve never done either professionally, just for fun and the love of it! So my supportive husband (who just so happens to be my high school sweetheart and an amazing carpenter!) urged me to do something crazy and start a business that involved skills I already had and things I was passionate about! So now I’m opening up my own studio/venue that I constantly get to run a well maintained system of scheduling and events. I get to meet new amazing and creative people. I get to decorate it all the time (free ticket to go shopping and thrifting and my husband can’t say a thing about it haha) and while the studio isn’t rented I get to be creative with my own photography, my girls are my favorite to take pictures of!

"If its terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it." - Erada

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