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La Rosa Studio & Venue

1) Is there free parking?
Yes, there is plenty of well lit free parking all around La Rosa. Parallel parking in the front, angled parking at the side and a large parking lot at the back.

2) What is the lighting like in the space?
Aside from our room with floor to ceiling windows we have an additional 14 windows in the other space. La Rosa also offers basic continuous lighting at the studio.

3) Is there seamless backdrops available?
As of right now we do not offer seamless backdrops. It is something we are looking into for the possible future.

4) How many people are allowed for a photography booking?
Only groups of 6 people per booking (2 photographers max) or One family and one photographer.

5) How many people are allowed for an Event?
With Event Insurance up to 45 attendees for the whole space is permitted. 

6) How large is the space?
The entire rental space is 2300 sq ft. 

7) What does the Rosalie Studio have to offer?

The Rosalie Studio is the front half. It has the curved staircase, Boxwood wall, large window room and many sets. Also see "Current Studio Sets" page for photos.

8) What does the Sadie Studio have to offer?

The Sadie Studio is the back half. It is quite a large space with a canopy bed set up, chaise lounges, Black cinder block wall and large flower swing. Also see "Current Studio Sets" page for photos.

9) Is there a makeup/change room?
La Rosa does offer a Make up room as well as a change area in that space.

10) Where is the bathroom?
The bathroom is right outside the makeup/common room. It is part of the building that is shared with other tenants. 

11) Do you have bluetooth speakers for music?

Coming soon!

12) Event Cancellations/Refunds?

All events are non refundable. Option to reschedule on a later date is available (Date/Time subject to availability).

13) Photography Cancellations/Refunds?

Clients must give a minimum of 7 days cancellation notice and will have the option to reschedule (date & time subject to availability). If within 7 days you forfeit your booking. No refunds. If a client is forced to cancel due to Covid-19 restrictions, you must contact La Rosa immediately to notify.

14) How far in advance can I book?

Photography bookings can be scheduled one month (31 days) in advance. The exception for this would be full studio bookings that are either half day (4hrs) or full day (8hrs) bookings and events. These options can be booked in advance but you must contact La Rosa directly in order to do so.

15) Are pets allowed?

I am an animal lover but some are not (or just have allergies) and to keep the large spaces as allergy free as possible at all times I am not allowing pets. Thank you for understanding! 

16) How do I go about booking an event or the entire space (Rosalie & Sadie Studio)?

Simply fill out this FORM and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

17) Is all the decor included for events?

Yes, all current sets that are in the Rosalie & Sadie Studio's will be present for events with the exception of the canopy bed which is put away to make room and also its a bit of a weird piece for most events.

18) Can I just come for a tour of the Studio's/Venue?

Yes, you can definitely schedule a tour of the space before committing to a booking (time and date subject to availability).

19) How do I get in the studio for my Booking?

For new renters, a La Rosa representative will be there at the time of your booking to unlock the Studio (s) for you. A La Rosa representative will also be there at the end of your booking to do a walk through and lock up. Once you have become a trusted renter of La Rosa you will be introduced to the key code system and have access to let your self in for your bookings.

20)  What are your hours of operation?

La Rosa is a by appointment only business. Days and hours are flexible around client needs.

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